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How to specify a port number for pm2 ?

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Once you go serious about production, you need to make sure that your application is running properly, without bugs, without performance issues and without downtimes.

That’s why we it’s a good idea to use PM2. It’s a set of features for both hardening your current PM2 Runtime Process manager and monitoring applications in production.

With PM2  you get:

  • A Real-time Monitoring Web Interface
  • Issues & Exception Tracking
  • Deployment reporting
  • Realtime logs
  • Email & Slack notifications
  • Custom Metrics Monitoring
  • Custom Actions Center

To specify a port number for pm2, you need to use to tell pm2 to stop parsing his options and give the rest to the program, then when you spawn direct binary so :

pm2 start index.js --port 8082


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