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MX records problem

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Using tools, if you get this error :


WARNING: CNAME was returned for the following MX records:
The CNAME(s) that were returned are listed above. This is not ok per the RFCs and can cause problems including mail being lost!

MX A request returns CNAME

WARNING: MX records points to a CNAME. CNAMEs are not allowed in MX records, according to RFC974, RFC1034 3.6.2, RFC1912 2.4, and RFC2181 10.3. The problem MX record(s) are: points to [‘’]
This can cause problems

The MX record should point to an IP address not another FQDN.
so you should change it to an IP and then you should be fine.

nano /etc/named.conf

zone "" {
type master;
file "/var/named/";

nano /var/named/ 300 IN A

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